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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mad Sweet Waltz

When the Mad Sweet Pangs approached RambleOn Events to design a Thanksgiving Eve show of epic proportions, neither the Pangs nor RambleOn realized how epic it would truly be. The band coined the event The Mad Sweet Waltz, and it was to be glorious. Lights, atmosphere, and interactives were all on the menu. 

Prepping for the gig:

In order to give the band the artistic caliber they deserved, designing and prepping for the gig began months in advance. 

Time log: 40 hours
Budget: minimal
Design and Construction: Amber Quisenberry and Bobby Cox
Special Skill Contributors: Rob Hendry (welding and rigging), Jason Ethrington (special materials rigger), Elaine Morgan (seamstress)

Constructing the "Cup Balls" aka "the LED Lollipops"

Constructing Thor for Rob Young and Ramsey Hazbun's Keyboard Installation

 Panel Painting, 1 of 6.

Staging and Testing

Ladies and Gentlemen. Please prepare yourself for 
the show. 

Thor conducted Rob Young and Ramsey Hazbun's Key Board Installation

Thanks to Mad Sweet Pangs, Still Moon Servants, all the guest musicians, The Queen, the production and atmosphere crew, the volunteers, and all the FANS. This was such an awesome show and we're so luck to have been apart of it. 

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