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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rambler Adventures: Voyage to the Blacksmith


This past Wednesday, the Ramble On crew took a cruise down to Delaware City to meet up with our buddies Gene and Kerry at their blacksmith shop. Last year, they set up a mini blacksmithing shop on site at RamJam with live demos making them the first RamJam vendor ever to experiment into these realms. They were such a hit that Ramble On invited them to return for the 2012 festivities. 

The shop was awesome in so many ways. Every single one of us was doey-eyed and in awe the moment we stepped inside. There were stacks of anvils and piles of tools, state sale salvage (you know, the bizarre vintage state hospital kind of stuff) and in progress art pieces. Floor to ceiling, the shop was glowing with an eclectic mysticism. In our tour, we learned about some of the facets of the blacksmithing craft. Gene did some demos to illustrate the strong influence natural science plays in the art of blacksmithing. And socio-polical topics, like the shortage of coal and other raw metals, were also brought up. 

It was a lot of fun to step inside a local artisan's work space. Ramble On is happy to have gotten the opportunity to hang out at the Forged shop and very excited over the discussions of upcoming RamJam plans! Big things are cooking up!!Check out some photos from our tour around their shop.

Nash and R greeted by the friendly shop dog

Shop owner, Kerry Rhoades working on a metal and recycled materials sculpture

Amber's wonderment was found in a giant billow!

Tools presented as art. And a giant mosquito and fly swatter in the upper left corner.

The large wooden doors were salvaged from the movie "The Village"

Check out Gene and Kerry's portfolio

Notice their doey-eyed wonderment. 

Gene kicks up the fire for a demo.

Gene warms a ring to exhibit the effects of heat on metal

Can you feel the heat?

Ramsey being silly.

Flower sculptures forged in the shop.

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